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There is nowhere on earth like India to study Yoga, to take Yoga Training course in India, or visit a Yoga retreat. If you have not been to India to study Yoga, you cannot possibly know or understand the depth or the truth of this ancient art and science.

Yoga belongs to the world. But it has a home. Yoga has grown into a widespread and valuable commodity and form of exercise, ranging from gentle to energetic, and practised by millions across the Western world.

Yoga for Mental Health :

Stress Depression Anxiety
PTSD Schizophrenia Eating Disorders

Yoga for Physical Conditions :

Back Pain Musculaskeletal problems Diabetes High Blood Pressure
Parkinson’s Asthma Heart Diseases Cancer
HIV Alzheimer’s Brain Injury Multiple Sclerosis
Autoimmune Diseases Osteoporosis Arthritis Insomnia


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